Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Purchase and Delivery

In our brand OurYogaShop, located in the company Need AB, SE556737-508 301, you can buy products related to yoga the highest quality. Our goal is to consistently provide professional and high level service to our customers. These terms and conditions apply to all purchases and orders placed on our web shops, where the customer resides in Sweden. In cases where the customer resides in an EU Member State other than Sweden, the conditions applicable to the parts where they do not depart from the consumer legislation in his country. We comply with consumer law legislation in his country where so required by EU rules.

As a customer of OurYogaShop you have the right to request information about your stored personal data. You also have the right to request that your personal information changed or deleted.

For questions, contact us at sales@ouryogashop.com or call the telephone 0734-223032.

Products and total cost
All the products we sell can be used in Sweden. Total cost, including shipping costs, any other fees and taxes have been clearly specified at checkout. Offers are clearly marked with the time limitations and other conditions. Availability is always displayed on the product pages.
We currently have no requirement for minimum order amount when ordering.

Sales to minors
We do not include contracts with minors (under 18) without parental consent.

The prices you find on our marketplace is current prices incl. VAT (or 25%, 12% or 6%). VAT is accounted for in the order summary along with any shipping costs before confirming the purchase. Changing the VAT we reserve the right to change prices equivalent. Price adjustments may be made at any time without notice. If you are a company having a contract, you will see prices excluding VAT on the market place.

Prices outside the EU
When purchased, where order is shipped outside the EU, no VAT is charged. The price included any import VAT, taxes, customs fees and administrative charges to the shipping provider in the destination country. These are paid where appropriate by the receiver. The level of fees varies from country to country. Please note that prices are automatically presented in your own currency. Available currencies on the site is currently only USD. In future editions may be prices in EURO, GBP, USD and multiple currencies to come. For requests for payment in currencies other than USD, please contact admin@ouryogashop.com.

Returns - We offer 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
OurYogaShop guarantee your 100% satisfaction. You always have the right to pack up the goods and check the function and finish. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you no questions asked return your products to us within 21 days and we will refund you within 20 days after receipt of the return. Goods should be packed well in good faith in undamaged original packaging and original packaging. Original packaging should not be used as a carton on which the product may be damaged. Returns sent as Parcel Post to our business address. At any utilization of the right of return, you as a customer for shipping cost. To avoid additional costs incurred in returning the package from overseas, please contact customer service for instructions. For questions, please contact our customer service by phone 0734-223032 or info@ouryogashop.com.

Of course, you have the usual warranties on the goods you buy from us. We follow the rules that are covered by consumer legislation. See www.konsumentverket.se for more information. Warranty will apply in Sweden.

All products we sell have a Swedish manual when the product so requires. More information is available even during the product on our web shop.

OurYogaShop and Need Ltd offers the following payment options:

Paypal. With Paypal you pay quickly, easily and safely. Paypal is one of the largest players in online payments on the Internet. Paypal has over 100 million users worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of companies make use of PayPal's services. Payment can be made with your debit or credit card, or with an existing Paypal account. Payment is via PayPal's secure and encrypted connections and servers. Your account details and card number is not shown to anyone, not even for us.
For more information about Paypal, visit the website www.paypal.se

Cash on Delivery. Cash on Delivery is a service from the Post Office which means that a transmitted be released only when the recipient has paid for it. The recipient pays the amount of goods and may then good. The item receiving the amount and report it to the sender. Simple and relatively safe! Delivery means that the item on its own or through an agent receives the amount that the sender entered. Then the amount is credited into the sender entered giro or bank giro number. Payment is therefore the conveyance of goods.

Invoice. Invoice full or part payment an individual. We offer you to either pay your entire bill or split it into several parts. Payment terms are 10 days at full pay. When paying an invoice for payment 10 days from the day your items are shipped from us, so it is important that the package is picked up from the packet Attorney as soon as the alert occurred. In order to use these methods require your social security number and an approved credit with our partner and that your order is sent to your registered address. The credit assessment does not result in a listing of föfrågan of credit. When shopping for more than 6000 SEK or want to split the payment is also required information about your annual income. Fee invoice is 29 kr.

Method of delivery
Upon delivery of goods in Sweden, we use primarily by the Postal Service or DHL Service Point, depending on our choice of supplier. Your goods are shipped to your nearest post office or package agent. For larger mailings sent goods to other shipping method. Your order is then delivered back to the property line or port gain, not into the apartment or house. For deliveries outside Sweden takes delivery in general, with UPS, directly to the recipient's address.

Estimated delivery time varies but is estimated at 2-4 business days. Once a product is approaching you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

During Christmas and New Year - OurYogaShop do not deliver due to vaccation. We ship the goods as soon as possible when we open again.
We are doing everything in our power to deliver your order as promised delivery or earlier. If a product deviates from the promised delivery time and there is a delay in delivery we will notify you by email. You may at any time wholly or partly cancel your order if we do not keep our promised delivery dates.

It may also be times that make it impossible for us to fulfill your order, for example, when our supplier can not fulfill his commitment to us. We will notify you when this by email as soon as possible.

Delivery times in Sweden - Normally 2-4 working with the Post Logistics or DHL Service Point. Applies to goods that are in stock for immediate delivery. In exceptional cases it happens that our carriers do not have daily run-out of packets to some packages Agents, then delivery may be slightly longer. This applies especially to packet agent in less populated areas.
Delivery times in Europe by UPS - Normally 3-5 working days by UPS.
Delivery times outside the EU and Europe with UPS normally about 3-5 days depending on country and time required for customs clearance.

Transportation Liability, damage to shipments
If goods are damaged or lost during transport from OurYogaShop / Need AB on his way to the customer is OurYogaShop / Need AB manager. If goods are damaged or lost when you are on their own initiative, return it, you as the sender is responsible for the goods. We therefore recommend that you pack the item carefully in the original packaging or equivalent packaging materials. Furthermore, the goods are insured and sent by traceable consignment when returning.

If upon receipt of your package with the agent discovers that the item is visibly damaged during transport should be claimed directly to this package attorney. If you notice when unpacking the contents are damaged, please contact info@ouryogashop.com as soon as possible.

Upon receipt of the goods, the consignment should be inspected before the bill is signed. If there is shipping damage or missing product, it shall be recorded on both the driver and the recipient's copy of the waybill. Possible internal damage in shipment is notified as soon as possible to info@ouryogashop.com.

Unclaimed packages
For packages that are not cashed reserves the OurYogaShop / Need AB right to charge the customer for shipping charge, return shipping and handling costs by a total of 350 SEK including VAT. For heavy or bulky goods will also cost at the current shipping table. If you choose invoice as a payment option included with the invoice in the package, so it is important to bail out package and pay this within 10 days to avoid late payment fee and interest. Any invoice for uncollected packets are sent by our Company Need AB.

You always have the right to pack up the goods and check the function and finish. If a product is faulty, damaged or delievered, please contact customer service by e-mail info@ouryogashop.com. In order to handle product complaints in an efficient manner, always digital pictures of the damage is attached at mailkontakt. In case the return of a defective product pays OurYogaShop / Need AB shipping. If you choose to send it back so you are responsible for the shipment will arrive undamaged. Pack well in their original packaging, attach description of the error and return to:

Need AB, labeled "Complaints" Alingsåsvägen 20 SE-50438 Borås, Sweden

In case of conflict will OurYogaShop / Need AB following the National Board for recommendations.

Force Majeure
Need i GBG AB is exempt from penalty for failure to perform certain obligations in this Agreement if the failure is due to release circumstances as described below and circumstances impedes, prevents or delays the performance. As liberating factor to be considered among others. a government action or omission, new or amended legislation, conflict, embargo, strike, fire or flood, sabotage or accident of significant size. The force majeure also includes government decisions that affect the market negatively and products, for example, restrictions, warnings, ban, etc.

Customer Service
For questions, please contact our customer service by phone 0734-223032 or info@ouryogashop.com. Mail sent within 48 hours.

Conditions Companies

Delivery Terms
Shipping costs will be added according to confirmation on all prices. Delivery is primarily by postal service MyPack and secondly the Post Service Corporate Service, DPD 16th In some cases, even on other carriers. Delivery will be made only to business addresses, not post office box, and only during the day with delivery before 16.00.

Terms of payment
Payment terms are 10 days. For late payments, late payment fee by the amount allowed by law at present SEK 50 and interest at 24% + applicable reference rate. Usual credit award is made and delivery is only to the company's address or place of work under the Companies Office register. When selecting the invoice for payment, a fee of 40 SEK excluding VAT.

Shipping and delivery
The delivery time specified in the order or directly to your order. Most smaller items can be delivered immediately. Delivery of stock items within 2-4 days directly to the address specified in the order. Ordering Goods supplied under the order acknowledgment. Delivered goods belonging OurYogaShop / Need Ltd until full payment has been made.